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* No Hotel  Booking Fees - does not charge a booking fee to you when you book a hotel online through us or call our hotel reservation center.  We’re different and always have been. You won’t find extra booking charges or processing or handling fees that suddenly appear at the last minute like many of the mega travel and hotel sites have been doing for years.   Special Government Rate Note - Because government rates have special pricing and rules for eligibility, we reserve the right to charge a small fee of five dollars per room.  If we do so, it will be shown in your itemized pricing summary before you complete the booking.  You must be able to show proof of eligibility to the hotel when you check-in through a valid government ID. We are not responsible if your reservation is not honored because of your failure to show satisfactory proof of eligibility.

** No Hotel Cancellation Penalties - does not charge a cancellation fee.  We provide rates offered direct from hotels.  Our policy is different from many mega hotel booking sites which charge their own cancellation fees and penalties if you cancel after you book.  Some (who shall go unnamed) even have the unmitigated gall to turn their cancellation penalties into a marketing game calling them “price guarantees” by allowing you to cancel without paying their penalty for a very limited period of time after you book if you find a lower rate somewhere else.  Nice try.   In most cases, you can book on and the rates shown will allow cancellation without penalty up to 24 hours before check-in.  Please note, however, sometimes hotels offer special non-refundable rates or discount hotel rates with conditions that do not let you cancel without a penalty.  We do not control these rules, and your obligation is with the hotel if you choose to book one of these rates.  Please check the booking rules that we display during the booking process.  These rules are provided by the hotels themselves and we are not responsible for their wording or clarity, so be careful and think before you complete your reservation. If you have a question, please call our reservation center and we will be happy to inquire for you if you have any questions about a hotel rule or what it means.

*** Direct Hotel Rates, Reservation Errors, Late Check-ins, Etc. offers rates direct from hotels through their reservation systems.  Through this process we can show you great official discount rates offered by the hotels themselves.  These are not third party mark-up rates where parties buy or contract rooms in advance and try to resell them (which is why  many charge cancellation fees and also why the hotels themselves also offer better hotel deals in many instances).  When  you book with us, your reservation is being made through the hotel’s reservation system. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions caused by the hotel or the hotel’s reservation system, or errors you make in the booking process. After you book your hotel with us, you will be provided with a written hotel confirmation by email.   You are advised to check with your  hotel prior to your departure to reconfirm that your reservation is still being held and that your room is guaranteed and available when you arrive for check-in.  LATE ARRIVALS:  If you think you will or may be late checking in, MAKE SURE YOU CALL THE HOTEL AND TELL THEM.  OTHERWISE, THEY MIGHT GIVE YOUR ROOM AWAY THINKING YOU WERE A NO SHOW.   We are not responsible if the hotel overbooks, gives away your room, or otherwise fails to honor your reservation because of an error.

**** Hotel Reviews, Ratings, Amenities and Descriptions.   We are not responsible to you for reviews, ratings or other descriptive information that may be in error, inaccurate or with which you may disagree.  While we make good efforts to validate information, we cannot guarantee that it is always accurate or complete.  In some cases, we may be relying on our judgment or the judgment of others. These judgments may not be sound or may be based on inaccurate information or beliefs. These judgments are not facts and should not relied upon as such.   In all cases, we recommend that you contact your hotel prior to departure to confirm all details which may be important to you within the permissible cancellation period.

***** Hotel Complaints.  In some instances, hotels may be undergoing renovation or hosting events that you may deem to be disruptive.  If we are actually aware of these circumstances, we will report them but we do have a duty to you to independently investigate or discover these circumstances and advise you of them.  When you book your hotel room you assume all risk regarding its condition, suitability, service, room availability, and safety. Roomrate assumes no responsibility or liability to you for these or any other similar matters. In all cases, we recommend that you contact your hotel prior to departure and within the permissible cancellation period to confirm all details which may be important to you.   If you are unhappy, we encourage you to raise them with the hotel’s management and make attempts to resolve your complaint with the hotel.  In most instances, hotels will make great efforts to ensure you have a satisfactory stay because their business is built on providing good service.

****** Hotel Safety Tips.   Because we care about you, we have provided you with a few hotel safety tips.

Hotel Surroundings - When staying at any hotel property you should be aware that you will likely be staying in an unfamiliar location.  You should take time to survey and understand your surroundings to ensure your personal safety.   If you questions about your neighborhood, you should ask the front desk about street safety and places which are advisable to avoid.  

Valuables -  If you carry valuables, you should use your room safe and keep them locked up at all times or use the hotel’s safe for safe keeping.

Parking Areas & Side Entrances -  When parking in a garage  or parking area, make sure the area in which you park is well lit.  When  leaving and approaching in your vehicle, take time to survey the area for any strange or suspicious persons who may loitering in the area.   Many hotels lock entrances at night.  Be sure you have your key card ready and in hand at night for quick entry into the hotel, particularly if you are using a side or back entrance door.  Never allow a person who does not have his own key to enter through a side or back door entrance with your assistance.  Never enter an elevator with a person with whom you feel uncomfortable or feel may pose a risk.  

Fires and Other Emergencies - When you first enter your room, be sure to check the fire escape and safety information which is usually posted on the back of your door.  Make sure you know where the fire exits are in the event of a fire.  If an emergency or fire alarm sounds, prepare for immediate evacuation.  Follow hotel safety personnel instructions.  In the event of evacuation, head immediately to the closest available emergency exit.  Do not waste time trying to gather your personal effects or changing your clothes.   Put on your shoes and coat if they are close by and leave immediately.  Even if you don’t smell or see smoke, feel your door before opening it to make sure there is not a fire outside the door.  If there is a fire with no ability to exit your room, place wet towels at the bottom of  the door and other locations such as vents where smoke may enter to block it from entering.  Stay close to the floor where there is less smoke.  If you are stuck and you feel you are in serious danger, call the local emergency number (usually 9-1-1) and request assistance.  Give the public safety officer your name, the name of the hotel, your room number and any other information which may assist in emergency responders locating and helping you.  If your in-room phone does not work, use your cell phone, or vice versa.  If you have no communication, go to the windows and create a visible distress signal using any colorful objects or materials that are on hand and wave them back and forth to attract attention. If you are physically challenged or unfit, you should request a room closer to the ground floors to make your exit easier in the event of an emergency.

Door Locks – Forced Entry - When in your room, you should always keep it locked and use the additional bolt or chain lock for extra safety.  This ensures that if somebody has your key they cannot easily enter.  Never open your hotel door unless you know the individual or you are sure it is a member of the hotel staff and they have a known reason for being present.  If you have any questions regarding a staff member’s identity, call the front desk before opening the door. If you experience an attempt at forcible entry, call the front desk immediately and call for assistance.  Tell the assailant you have called and help is coming and to immediately leave.  Try to keep the door closed until help arrives.  If there is a gun present move away from the door and out of site and aim, and retreat to another room with a locked door if possible.  If you are on the ground floor or on a floor where the interior of room may be publicly seen through a window, be sure to keep the drapes closed so you and/or belongings are not viewed.

Secure Your Keys and Room Information.  Never give out your room number to a stranger, and keep your room number and key cards securely on your person and out of view of others.

Pools and Hot Tubs – Many hotel pools are not attended and there is no life guard present.  Never enter a pool if you  cannot swim unless a person is present who is responsible for your safety and capable of a water rescue.  DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED NEAR POOLS even if they have a flotation device on.  Do not enter Hot Tubs if you are pregnant or have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart condition, stroke risk or other condition which may be aggravated by an increase in body temperature or blood pressure , and never allow young children to enter hot tubs.   Serious injuries, and even death can result.

Young Children – Never leave young children unattended in your hotel room.  If you are on a high floor level with an outdoor balcony or movable window, make sure windows and doors are locked and secured, and that young children cannot open them. Do not allow young children to play near elevators, and keep them from climbing or hanging on atrium railings, half walls or other places where they may fall. If there are games rooms or other entertainment venues for children, you should keep them in your sight at all times. Always know if there is a secondary exit from through which children may leave or others may enter without your knowing.

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